Frog Peak Music is an artist-run composers' collective dedicated to publishing and producing experimental and unusual works by its member artists, and is committed to the idea of availability over promotion. Frog Peak Music is a not-for-profit organization in which member artists determine the form and content of their own work.

Larry Polansky

Composer, theorist, programmer, performer


Anna's Music Box. Midi software for children. Pol28. $5.

Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music. Software for Macintosh; standalone MIDI application. With Daniel Goode. Shareware. LPGoo01. $5.

The World's Longest Melody. Software. Source code also available from the composer (requires HMSL).

Milwaukee Blues. Two tap dancers and 5 saxophones. Pol04. $15.

Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie. Gamelan, melody instruments singers, and kemanak. Pol06. $15.

51 Melodies ("Pride holds the multitudes in a continual, habitual process of readornment"). Two electric guitars (or two melody instuments) and optional rhythm section. Pol07. $15.

Horn. Horn and live electronics or tape. Pol08. $15.

Two Children's Songs. Two tubas, or other two bass/baritone instruments. Pol09. $15.

Roads to Chimacum. String quartet or mandolin quartet. Pol12. $20.

Three Monk Tunes. Tap dancer and percussion. Pol13. $15.

Four Violin Studies (what to do when the night comes). Pol14. $15.

Another You. 17 variations for solo harp in just intonation. Pol15. $15.

Movement for Lou Harrison. For just bass quartet. Pol16. $15.

Movement for Andréa Smith. (My Funny Valentine for just string quartet). Two violins, two violas. Pol17. $15.

Will You Miss Me. Flute, bass, folk harp and untrained male voice. Pol18. $15.

(Al Het) (for the peoples of Nicaragua). Soprano and Central Javanese gender and gambang (1 player). Pol19. $15.

V'leem'shol (And to rule...) (Cantillation Study #2). Five flutes. Pol20. $15.

The Casten Variation. Piano solo; or ensemble of any melody instruments and optional drums or percussion. Pol21. $15.

(E'leh T'ol'd'ot) (These are the generations) (Cantillation Study #3). Four marimbas and optional live computer commentary. Pol22. $15.

51 Harmonies ("The sun sets and rises without saturation of the senses, rises and sets without redemption of the soul"). Three percussion, electric guitar, and optional live computer. Pol23. $15.

Four Bass Studies. Pol25. $15.

for jim, ben and lou.Three Pieces for guitar, harp and percussion. I. Preamble II. alp[wr (Rue Plats) (Resting Place) III. The World's Longest Melody (Trio): "The Ever–Widening Halfstep" Score. Pol26. $20.

34 Chords: Christian Wolff in Hanover and Royalton. Solo electric guitar. Score. Pol27. $15.

Movement in E Major for John Cage. Violin and piano score. Pol28.$15.

Beat Me Mikey, 5 to the Bar. Piano solo (beginner). Pol29. $15.

Suite from Lonsome Road. Solo piano. Score. Pol30. $15.

II - IV - V. Solo or two electric guitars. Pol31. $15.

Five Haiku. Solo piano. Pol32. $15.

Neighborhoods of Note. 2 or more Suzuki pianists. Pol33.$15.

Compassion. An arrangement of a Shaker hymn for electric guitar and voice. Pol34. $15.

Ensembles of Note. Any ensemble. Pol35. $15.

Choir/Empi's Solo. Co-composed with Marie Pauline Esguerra. Singer & tape. (includes CD with tape part) Pol36. $15.

Piker. Solo piccolo (or flute, or any appropriate wind instrument). Pol37. $15.

All things, beings, equal. Any saxophone. Pol38. $15.

Approaching the azimuth... Clarinet. Pol39. $15.

two minute Warning. Trumpet. Pol40. $15.

cinderella. Flute (may be played as a duet with all things, beings, equal). Pol41. $15.

Tetherball. 6 percussion or other instruments. Pol42. $15.

3 Cello Tunes. Hop Up and Jump Up, Twickenham Stomp, (Yitgadal) (for Jim Horton). Pol43. $15.

Essays (1, 2, & 3). String quartet. 1. Don't you hear the lambs a'crying?; 2. v; 3. Yitgidal; 3a. Yitgidal rising. Pol44. $15.

Hensley Variations (Guitar trio #1). Flute, viola and guitar. Score & parts. Pol45. $15.

3 New Hampshire Songs. Litany; Proposition; Doggerel. Pol46. $15.

Prelude (by Ron Nagorcka). Arrangement for mandolin. Nag04. $15.

Song 2 (by Howard Skempton). Classical guitar. Arrangement of Skempton's piano piece by Larry Polansky, in a new edition by Claudio Calmens. Pol47. $15.

The Time Is Now. Text by Melody Sumner. Voice, clarinet, flute, viola, guitar & bass. Pol48. $15.

Six Declarations. Clarinet and speaker. Pol49. $15.

ivtoo. Guitar canon (two or more players). Pol50. $15.

Study for Milwaukee Blues. For 3 tap dancers (or three percussionists). Pol51. $15.

An Unhappy Set of Coincidences. For bass and flute; or solo keyboard; or low and high instruments (1 or more per part). Pol52. $15.

ivt. For one or two pianos. Pol53. $15.

Now My Dear Companions. Arrangement of a Shaker song for voices, flute/piccolo, clarinet, trombone, percussion/marimba, electric guitar. Pol54. $15.

Six Declarations. For speaker and clarinet on texts by Virginia Levitt Snitow. Pol56. $15.

Bedhaya Sadra/Bedhaya Guthrie. Arrangement for solo clarinet by Daniel Goode. Pol57. $15.

Four Voice Canon #13 (DIY Canon). Includes Four Voice Canons 14, 15, 18. Pol59. $15.

Four Voice Canons #4 & 5. Pol60. $15.

k-toods. For piano four hands (or two pianos). Pol61. $15.

Four Voice Canon #20, for Philip Corner. For solo voice (or solo instrument (#20a)). Pol63. $15.

tooaytoods 1-11. Piano (and guitar arrangement). Pol64. $15.

miwakatood. Solo violin and small percussion. Pol65. $15.

iiivinxii. 12 cellos and winds. Pol66. $15.

terrytood. For five mandolins. Pol67. $15.

dannytoods. Bb clarinet. Pol68. $15.

lissatoods. Solo trumpet. Pol69. $15.

onceatoods. Tenor sax; two classical guitars; organ; accordion. Pol70. $15.

abetoods (tooaytoods #12). Solo violin. Pol71. $15.

Yitgadal. For violin, viola, cello, guitar, harp, percussion, and at least six melody instruments. Pol72. $15.

Lonesome Road (The Crawford Variations). 51 Variations for piano. (8.5 x11). Pol73. $25.

Lonesome Road (The Crawford Variations). 51 Variations for piano. (11x17). Pol74. $25.

jargon. For 12 cellos, flute, clarinet, and trombone. Pol75. $15.

Ladies Auxiliary. Ensemble. Pol77. $15.

!tearammeddis. French horn, tuba, trombone (or any number of variable pitch instruments. Pol78. $15.

Milk and Honey. Mandolin quartet (2 mandolins, mandola, and mandocello) arrangement of a piano rag of the same name by James Tenney. Pol80. $15.

Christian Music. Limited edition set of 2- and 4-part rounds on four cards, numbered and signed by artists Larry Polansky and Laura Grey (design). Pol81. $25.

Four Pedagogical Rounds for Dan Rockmore. Pol82. $15.

four rounds on texts by Sarah Lloyd. Pol83. $15.

Three Pieces for Bass and Psalterion. Pol84. $15.

iiiisiv joan (tooaytoods #14). Pol85. $15.

Pardalotes, eucalypts and lerps. Five rounds on texts by Sarah Lloyd. Pol86. $15.

Two Belgian Rounds. Pol87. $15.

Miscellaneous Piano Pieces. Pol88. $15.

Shma (score only). Flute, alto flute, violin, viola, cello, bass and percussion. Pol89. $15.

Shma (score and parts). Flute, alto flute, violin, viola, cello, bass and percussion. Score and parts. Pol90. $45.

The World's Longest Melody. Electric guitar, bass, drums and optional soloists. Pol91. $15.

Songs and Toods. A collection of pieces for the Lou Harrison National Steel guitar or conventionally fretted guitar.Pol92. $25.

Ontslaan (toontood). Four or five guitars. Score and parts. Pol93. $25.

Hocket. Percussion quartet. Pol94. $15.

Old Paint. Solo piano. Pol95. $15.

Perception. Piano and 3 signers (translating English into ASL). Pol96. $15.

30 Rounds (MacDowell Diary). Piano. Pol97. $15.

B'midbar (Numbers). Solo piano (and invited speakers). Pol98. $20.

Silent Demonstration (for Kyle Gann). Any instruments, any number of players. An experiement based on Kyle Gann's book. Pol99. $15.

9 Events (Quartet). Piano/melodica/percussion; percussion; double bass; guitar. Pol100. $15.

Four Doods (@$6.25). Two clarinets, two tubas, two accordions, two violins. Pol101. $15.

Simple Song (agnosia). Piano. Pol102. $15.

10 Strings (9 Events). Guitar and violin. Pol103. $15.

hojas nuevas (7 canonic variations for piano). Pol104. $15.

Frog Peak Collections

New Music for Plucked Strings. Scorebook. Music by Tenney, Alrich, Simon, Polansky (Hensley Variations, Gottlieb Variations, arrangements of works by Tenney and Ruth Crawford), and others. Frog Peak Publication. FP03. $15.

Frog Peak Anthology. Writings by Polansky, Harrison, Corner, Diamond, Powell, Didkovsky, Burk, Garland,Povall, Mann, Wendt, and others, edited by Carter Scholz. Frog Peak Publication. FP07. $25.


[re]. A DVD-Audio and DVD-Video of music comissioned by the Third Practice Festival of Electroacoustic Music at the University of Richmond. Includes a recording of Epitaph [Four Voice Canon #21] by Lary Polansky as well as works by Stephen Vitiello, Benjamin Broening, Mark Applebaum, John Gibson, Mark Wingate, Mason Bates, Colby Leider, Scanner, Kristine H. Burns, Roberto Climent, Matthew McCabe and Alessandro Cipriani. Pol76. $30.


Simple Harmonic Motion. Works for traditional instruments in complex, extended just intonations. Includes Movement for Lou Harrison (for four just basses), performed by Robert Black; Movement for Andrea Smith (My Funny Valentine for just string quartet), performed by Ron Erickson; Another You (17 Variations for Solo Harp), a giant set of harp variations for retuned instrument performed by Alyssa Hess; and Horn, for french horn and electronics, performed by Chris Bobrowski. Art11. $15.

Hallways: 11 Musicians and HMSL. Music by Polansky, Burk, Parson, Rosenboom, Scholz, Bischoff, Fuqua, Didkovsky, and Marsanyi. Produced by Jeanne Parson. Frog Peak CD. FP09. $15.

Lonesome Road. 51 variations on Ruth Crawford's harmonization of the folk tune of the same name. Pol55. $15.

Change. Polansky's "Morphing Pieces" performed by the composer, et al. Pol58. $15

Four-Voice Canons. Canons 4,5,6,7,8,9b,10,12,13,14,16,17,18. Fox15. $15.

Sweet Betsy from Pike. CD single of a folk song collected by Ruth Crawford Seeger and arranged by Larry Polansky. Features Polansky on the "Lou Harrison" National Tricone Resonator Steel guitar in just intonation and Nora Jacobson on accordion and vocals. Pol79. $8.

Trio. Kui Dong, Larry Polansky, Christian Wolff. Piano, guitar, mandolin. Pol106. $15.


Music from Mills. OUT OF STOCK. 3-record set. Music by Braxton, Reich, Brubeck, Riley, Oliveros, Rosenboom, Payne, Polansky, Harrison, and others. Mil01. $35.


Beginning Central Javanese Gender. Transcriptions of gender cengkok and arrangements of repertoire from lessons with Sukamso. AGI14. $20.

No Replacement. Guppy Vol. I, No. 2: 85 Verses for Kenneth Gaburo. Pol62. $5.


HMSL (Hierachical Music Specification Language) is a real-time interactive composition language written in the 1980s and in wide use. HMSL is co-authored by Polansky, Phil Burk, and David Rosenboom at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music.

HMSL 4.21 for the Macintosh. Bur01. $95.

HMSL 4.x for the Amiga. Bur02. $75.

HMSL Macintosh Manuals only. Bur09. $30.

JForth Professional. Bur10. $120.

Eine Kleine Gamelan Computer Music. MIDI software for Macintosh; standalone MIDI application. With Larry Polansky. Shareware. LPGoo01. $5.

Anna's Music Box. MIDI software for children. Shareware. Pol28. $5.

The World's Longest Melody. MIDI Software. Source code available from the composer (requires HMSL). Shareware. Pol10. $5.

CDs Produced

Experimental music by Indonesian composers produced by Larry Polansky and Jody Diamond for Lyrichord Recordings. A joint project of Frog Peak Music and the American Gamelan Institute.

Asmat Dream: New Music Indonesia Vol. I (Sunda). Music by Nano S., Dody Satya Ekagustdiman, Suhendi, and Harry Roesli. AGI09. $15.

Mana 689: New Music Indonesia Vol. 2 (Central Java). Music by I Wayan Sadra, Pande Made Sukerta, B. Subono, and Otok Bima Sidarta. AGI10. $15.

Karya: New Music Indonesia Vol. 3 (Compositions by I Wayan Sadra). AGI13. $15.

James Tenney: Selected Works 1961 –1969. Co-produced with Frog Peak Music. Produced by Larry Polansky and Lauren Pratt, mastered by Tom Erbe, contains Tenney's important computer music from the early 1960s at Bell Labs. FP01. $15.


The Frog Peak/Johanna Beyer Project is gradually preparing annotated editions of many of Beyer?s scores, as well as making her complete works available in facsimile editions. J.M. Beyer was an important but completely overlooked German-American experimental composer from the 1930?s. She was a colleague of Henry Cowell and Ruth Crawford, but her work, until now, has been unpublished and unperformed. Facsimile editions of all her works are currently available for $15 each. Please write for a complete list of Beyer's work, in a catalog prepared by John Kennedy and Larry Polansky. The annotated editions series is edited by Polansky and Kennedy, with David Fuqua, design editor. All work on the annotated recopied editions is voluntary, contributed by interested composers.

Beyer Volume 1. Includes the five score listed below. Bey23. $60.

Bees. Solo piano. Copied and edited by Larry Polansky. FP/JB Project #1. Bey01. $15.

Movement for Double Bass and Piano. 1936. Copied and edited by David Fuqua. FP/JB Project #2. Bey02. $15

Ballad of the Star-Eater. Clarinet and soprano. 1934. Copied and edited by Charles Shere. FB/JB #3. Bey03. $15

The Federal Music Project. Chorus. 1936. Copied and edited by Margaret Fisher/Lou Harrison. FP/JB#4. Bey04. $15

Dissonant Counterpoint. Solo piano. 193?. Copied and edited by David Fuqua. FP/JB #5, Bey05. $15


Beyer Volume 2. Includes the five scores listed below. Bey24. $60.

Three Songs for Soprano and Clarinet. Copied and edited by Mark Warhol. FP/JB#6. Bey06. $15.

String Quartet #2. Copied and edited by Pamela Marshall. FP/JB#7. Bey07. $15..

Gebrauchs–Musik. Solo piano. Copied and edited by Carter Scholz. FP/JB#8. Bey08. $15.

Movement for Two pianos. For Henry Cowell. Copied and edited by Drew Krause. FP/JB#9. Bey09. $15.

March for Percussion. Copied and edited by Jarrad Powell. FP/JB#10. Bey10. $15.