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Peter Garland

Composer, writer, publisher: Soundings Press

Frog Peak Music carries Peter Garland's scores, and also the remaining copies of his essential Soundings Press publications.


Early Piano Music. Includes several short pieces: A Song, Two Persian Miniatures, The Fall of Quang Tri, Nostalgia of the Southern Cross, and The Days Run Away. Gar01. $15.

Three Pieces for Percussion. Gar02. $15.

Matachin Dances. Two violins and gourd rattles. Gar03. $15.

Apple Blossom. 3 or more marimbas, minimum 4 players. Gar04. $15.

The Hummingbird Songs. Ten pieces for percussion ensemble. Minimum of 4 players. Gar05. $15.

Dreaming of Immortality in a Thatched Cottage. 3 singers, amplified harpsichord, and percussion. Gar06. $15.

String Quartet #1: In Praise of Poor Scholars (score only). Gar07. $15.

String Quartet #1: In Praise of Poor Scholars (score and parts). Gar08. $35.

Roque Dalton Songs. Tenor, trumpet, bass clarinet, two vioins, harp, piano, and four percussionists. Gar09. $25.

A Season in the Congo. For medium-sized chorus, trumpet, bass clarinet, harp, piano, bass, rattles, and double bells. Texts by Aimé Césaire and David Diop. Gar10. $15.

Walk in Beauty. Solo piano. Gar11. $15.

Jornada del Muerto. Solo piano. Commissioned by Herbert Henck. Gar12. $15.

A Green Pine. Soprano and accordion. Gar13. $15.

Nana & Victorio. Solo percussionist. Gar14. $15.

Peñasco Blanco. Vibraphone and piano. Gar15. $15.

Where Beautiful Feathers Abound. Violin, viola, cello and piano. Gar16. $15.

Three Dances from the Conquest of Mexico. Recorder and percussion. Gar17. $15.

Sones de Flor (score only). Piano, violin, and percussion. Gar18. $15.

Sones de Flor (score and parts). Piano, violin, and percussion. Gar19. $30.

I Have Had to Learn the Simplest Things Last. Piano, vibraphone, marimba, claves, tambourine. Gar21. $15.

Dancing on Water. Bb clarinet and Chipan (or regular) marimba. Gar22. $15.

Goddess of Liberty - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. For solo piano. Gar23. $15.

War of the Words (Bringing Home the Tropes). For 2 performers: with rubber flip-flop sandals, metal pipes, glasses and spoons; and voices. Gar31. $15.

Symphony Number 1: "New Chants" (score only). For flute, clarinet, and trombone. Gar32. $15.

Symphony Number 1: "New Chants" (score and parts). For flute, clarinet, and trombone. Gar32p. $30.

Coyote's Bones. Violin, piano, bass marimba. Gar33. $15.

Waves Breaking on Rocks (Elegy for All of Us). Piano. Gar34. $20.


In Search of Silvestre Revueltas. Sou16. $20.

Frog Peak Anthology. Writings by Garland, Harrison, Corner, Diamond, Powell, Didkovsky, Burk, Povall, Mann, Wendt, and others, edited by Carter Scholz. Frog Peak Publication. FP07. $25.

Gone Walkabout: Essays 1991-1995 (2 volumes). In the fall of 1991 Garland began his "life of two suitcases" and a 41-month journey that took him around the world and back. Gar25. $35.

Field Work, Vol I. Gar26. $25.

Field Work, Vol II. Gar27. $25.

Field Work, Vol III. Gar28. $25.

Field Work, Vol IV. Gar30. $25.

Food for Thought: Writings 1988-2002 (2 volumes). Gar29. $25.

Soundings Press

Soundings 11. Work by Tom Johnson, John Tilbury, Alvin Curran, Romulus Franceschini, Guy Klucevsek, Paul Rosenfeld, Dane Rudhyar, Jeff Smith, Walter Zimmerman, Jim Pomeroy, and Michael Byron. Sou01. $15.

Soundings 12. Sou02. $15.

Soundings 13. James Tenney issue, containing writings by and about Tenney, and a number of scores. Only a few copies left. Sou03. $75.

Soundings 14-15. Work by Garland, Caturla, Carpentier, Lucier, Higgins, Goode, Schwarz, Gann, Briece, Scott, Rudhyar, Adams, Erickson, Fontana, Fox, Richards, Rosenboom, Volans, Balcells and Glanville-Hicks. Sou04. $20.

Soundings 16. Work by Garland, Hopkins, Zorn, Leach, Varese, Monahan, Bergamo, Vierk, Fujieda, Amirkhanian, Yates and Mumma. Sou08. $15.

Paul Bowles: Concerto for Two Pianos, Winds, and Percussion. Sou09. $15.

Jaime De Angulo: Music of Northern California Indians. Sou06. $15.

Peter Garland: In Search of Silvestre Revueltas. Sou16. $20.

Nancarrow: Collected Studies for Player Piano Vol. 2. Sou11. $15.

Nancarrow: Collected Studies for Player Piano Vol. 3. Sou12. $15.

Nancarrow: Collected Studies for Player Piano Vol. 4. Sou13. $15.

Nancarrow: Collected Studies for Player Piano Vol. 5. Sou14. $20.

Nancarrow: Collected Studies for Player Piano Vol. 6. Sou15. $20.

Nancarrow: Collected Studies for Player Piano Vols. 4, 5, 6. Sou17. $45.

A Lou Harrison Reader. Sou19. $100.