Frog Peak Music is an artist-run composers' collective dedicated to publishing and producing experimental and unusual works by its member artists, and is committed to the idea of availability over promotion. Frog Peak Music is a not-for-profit organization in which member artists determine the form and content of their own work.

Jody Diamond

Composer, performer, writer, publisher, editor, educator

Jody Diamond is one of the co-founders and co-directors of Frog Peak Music. She is the main graphic designer and a principal editor for most of Frog Peak's publications. She also founded and directs the American Gamelan Institute (AGI) and edits its journal Balungan. A great deal of her work is available through AGI.


In That Bright World. The American song "Wayfaring Stranger," with Javanese and Balinese treatment. Includes parts. Javanese gamelan slendro. Dia01. $15.

Bubaran Bill. For William Colvig. A sixteen beat form with three variations: kecak (vocal), interlocking rhythms with mallets, soft instruments or silence. Javanese gamelan slendro. Dia02. $15

Hard Times. Setting of a Stephen Foster song. Slendro. Javanese gamelan and voices with optional mandocello, violin, flute. Requires knowledge of Central Javanese performance practice. Dia03. $15.

Guru, Murid, Teman. For irama kebar of Ladrang Pangkur, pelog barang. Javanese gamelan pelog or chorus. Dia04. $15.

Prelude: Anyone Can Play. Audience participation piece. Any gamelan. Dia05. $15.

Lagu Ricik-ricik. For Lancaran Ricik-ricik in pelog barang. Demung or saron. Dia06. $15.

Wali Sanga/Pandhawa. For nine or five voices. Dia07. $15.

"We taste the spices of Arabia…" Piano, guitar, horn, voice, readers. Dia08. $15.

we need more time. 2 voices or 2 same instruments. Dia09. $15.


In That Bright World: Music for Javanese Gamelan. Recorded with the musicians of the National Arts Institute in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. New World Records, 2009. Dia11. $15.

CDs Produced

Experimental music by Indonesian composers produced by Larry Polansky and Jody Diamond for Lyrichord Discs.

Asmat Dream: New Music Indonesia Vol. I (Sunda). Music by Nano S., Dody Satya Ekagustdiman, Suhendi, and Harry Roesli. AGI09. $15.

Mana 689: New Music Indonesia Vol. 2 (Central Java). Music by I Wayan Sadra, Pande Made Sukerta, B. Subono, and Otok Bima Sidarta. AGI10. $15.

Karya: New Music Indonesia Vol. 3. Compositions by I Wayan Sadra. AGI13. $15.

Writings and Publications

Balungan A journal on all forms of gamelan and its international counterparts. Published by The American Gamelan Institute. Jody Diamond, editor.

Vols. I-III. AGI08. $15.

Vols. II-VI. AGI04. $25.

Vols. VII-VIII. Score collection double issue, over 200 pages. AGI05. $20.

Vols. IX-X. Double issue. First edition with on-line audio resources. AGI06. $20.

Back issues are available.


BANG Cassette. Works by Diamond (In That Bright World), Ingram Marshall, and Daniel Schmidt. AGI01. $10.

Musicworks 47. Contains Diamond's "Pangkur NZ". MW47. $8.


Frog Peak Anthology. Writings by Harrison, Corner, Diamond, Powell, Didkovsky, Polansky, Burk, Povall, Mann, Wendt, and others, edited by Carter Scholz. Frog Peak Publication. FP07. $25.