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Charles Shere

Composer, author, music critic

One of America's major musical thinkers and an active composer, Shere has been an important presence in the West Coast avant-garde since the 1960s as a critic, founder of Ear Magazine, and writer on American music.


Three Songs from Tender Buttons. Soprano, violin, piano. She01. $15.

Three Pieces for Piano. Piano solo. She02. $15.

Five Pieces from Handler of Gravity. She03. $15.

Sonata: Bachelor Machine. Solo piano. She04. $15.

Tender of Gravity. Flute-piccolo, oboe-English horn, clarinet-bass clarinet, bassoon, piano or harmonium, violin, viola, cello, contrabass. She06. $15.

Ladies Voices. An opera in 5 acts with words by Gertrude Stein. Three sopranos, woodwind quintet and percussion. Score & parts. She07. $30.

I Like It To Be A Play. An opera in eleven scenes to words by Gertrude Stein. Tenor, baritone, bass and string quartet. Score & parts. She08. $30.

Bride Arias. Soprano, violin, pianoforte, with optional snare drum. From the opera The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. She09. $15.

Trio For Violin, Piano and Percussion. She10. $15.

Three More Stein Songs. Music by Charles Shere; lyrics by Gertrude Stein. Red Roses (soprano, bass clarinet, piano); It Was Black, Black Took (soprano, bass clarinet, piano); You Can Only Say What You Know (soprano, violin, bass clarinet, piano. She11. $15.

Seven Bagatelles. Pianoforte solo. She12. $15.

Ballet: Handler of Gravity. From the opera The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even. She13. $15.

Dates. A chamber cantata for soprano, clarinetist, violist, and percussionist. She14. $15.

Lullaby and Finale. Solo piano. She17. $15.

Small Concerto. Piano and orchestra. She18. $15.

Sonata ii: Compositio ut explicatio. In memoriam Gatharuda Lapidis. Piano. She19. $20.

Handler of Gravity (Suppress the Center). Organ with optional percussion. She20. $15.

Four Harrison Songs. Voice and accordion. Lyrics by Lou Harrison. She21. $15.

Two Rakosi Songs. Mezzo-soprano, violin, and percussion. Lyrics by Carl Rakosi. She22. $15.


, even recent cultural history, place, art, and poetry in ordinary life. By Charles Shere, a Frog Peak Publication. She05. $15.

Why I Read Stein. She15. $15.

How I Saw Duchamp. Guppy No. 5. She16. $5.


Ballad of the Star-Eater. By Johanna Beyer. Clarinet and soprano. 1934. Copied and edited by Charles Shere. FB/JB #3. Bey03. $15.