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Continuing our mission of using current technology to make artists\' work available, Frog Peak presents these online editions.

All titles are ready to read online, or download in printable .pdf files.

Rights are retained by the individual authors; please credit them when quoting or sharing these documents.



Divisions of the Tetrachord. John Chalmers. A major work on tuning theory and experimental intonation. Scans of the 1992 Frog Peak edition, now out of print.

Janet & Her Dear Phebe. Clarissa Dixon. An out-of-print 1909 novel written by Henry Cowell\'s mother.

Sounding the Full Circle. Malcolm Goldstein. "Concerning music improvisation and other related matters." Includes some scores.

The Early Works of James Tenney. Larry Polansky. First published in Soundings 13: The Music of James Tenney edited by Peter Garland

Instruction Manual: The Colvig-Harrison Monochord. Lou Harrison. An instrument designed specifically for the study of intonation.

New Instrumentation and Orchestration. Larry Polansky, 1986. An outline for study. 



There Is No They There. Jody Diamond. An American composer in Indonesia confronts the ethics of cross-cultural research.

In Search of the Sublime. In the late works of Bruckner, Mahler, and Sibelius, by Daniel Goode.

Letter from Vienna. Daniel Goode. A "musical diary with themes" written during the Wien Modern music festival in 1999.

A Few Words About Jim Tenney. Larry Polansky. First published in A Companion to Slug Frog Peak Newsletter #13

Nights in the Concert Hall:Thumbnail Reviews, Notes, and Scores. Daniel Goode. Short reviews, notes, and thoughts on concerts attended by the composer, 2011-2016.Includes selections from Goode\'s instrumental scores



ALONES. A collection of solo works by Frog Peak composers, compiled during the COVID-19 pandemic. 39 composers, 83 compositions, over 600 pages. Preface by jody diamond. 

James Tenney: Various Manuscripts

Mahler: Symphony #10: Adagio. Transcribed for piano, four hands, by Daniel Goode.

One Page Pieces. Daniel Goode. Pieces with props and processes, each on a single page.

rounds unbound. A collection of vocal rounds by frog peak and other composers, curated by Larry Polansky.

Prose Collection. Christian Wolff. Fourteen compositions for various performers, instruments and sound sources.

Performance Practice for Doug Perkins. Larry Polansky.

Performance Practice for Doug Perkins (Score for Twitter). Larry Polansky.

Why We Sing. A round by David Mahler.

Recording Piece. Lou Harrison. Concert boobams, talking drums, with other percussion instruments (and tape recorder.) 1955.

Solo for Anthony Cerone. Lou Harrison. For D major tenor bells. 1972.

A Majestic Fanfare. Lou Harrison. Three trumpets, two percussion. 1963.

Elegy for Harpo Marx. Lou Harrison. Three guitars, or three harps? 1964.

Ground for the Trojan Women of Euripides. Lou Harrison. "For processional and ground." Mixed ensemble. 1939.

Precision Piece: A Phrase for Arion\'s Leap (trascription). Lou Harrison. 1974. Renotated by Larry Polansky in absolute intervals, from the original "free-style" notation.

CYRNAB. Johanna Beyer. Chamber orchestra. 1937.

Pete Says. Pete Seeger, that is! Three basses. A round in three parts for Pete Seeger\'s 100th birthday.



Music for Big Band: sound (mp3) and notes. Ilya Monosov. A collaborative work from 2003.

Pornography Made Me Do It. Daniel Goode. Computer voice.