Janet & her dear Phebe

a novel by Clarissa Dixon (mother of Henry Cowell)
Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1909
Frog Peak Music online edition, 2005


Since Michael Hicks first showed me this extraordinary book a few years ago, it was clear that Frog Peak needed to make it available. Not only is it an important piece in the history of American experimental music, to which Frog Peak is dedicated, but it is, in and of itself, a fascinating work.

It has long been unknown and out of print; we know of only a few extant copies. To ameliorate this situation, we scanned the book, without any graphic or textual enhancement. The reader has an exact copy of what we have on our shelf, with the addition of Michael Hicks' historical introduction. We hope someday to publish a limited edition in hardcover (funds allowing) -- or perhaps someone else will.

Until then, we hope that this web edition will allow others the same joy we have felt when reading this book, which I like to describe as "early-everything."

Thanks to Dartmouth College for assistance with scanning the text; Kyle Gann, Richard Teitelbaum, and Mary Ann Haagen for their reading and encouragement; and Michael Hicks for his meticulous work on Cowell and American music history.

The website was designed by Jody Diamond.

Larry Polansky, 2005

Introduction by
Michael Hicks

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