“Music for Big Band”

 The performers were instructed to send me a 20 minute audio piece consisting of 19 minutes of silence & 1 minute of sound. They were told that the 1 minute sounding-block was to be cut into at least 3 pieces and placed about the 20 minute space. The participants were allowed to separate the sound into infinitely small segments or to maintain the audio in 3 segments of various size & location.

 This 1st variation of this work is performed by:
 Dan Hicks
Warren Burt
Larry Polansky
Civyiu Kkliu
Douglas Repetto
Josh Ronsen
Bill Thompson
Glenn Bach
Carter Scholz

This piece was born out of the desire to truly improvise – I wanted to observe the behavior of the contributors towards each other, towards the ‘shaping of silence’, and towards the overall

architecture of the work. (COPYRIGHT ILYA MONOSOV 2003)