Frog Peak Music is an artist-run composers' collective dedicated to publishing and producing experimental and unusual works by its member artists, and is committed to the idea of availability over promotion. Frog Peak Music is a not-for-profit organization in which member artists determine the form and content of their own work.

Philip Corner

Composer, performer, artist

Frog Peak Music is proud to distribute the scores, recordings, writings and art objects of the composer Philip Corner, one of the most important figures in American minimalist and experimental music. When Corner left the U.S. for Europe several years ago, he entrusted a large body of his work to Frog Peak Music. In addition, Frog Peak is undertaking to make available the complete musical works as photocopies on order.


Ear Journeys: Water. This book can also serve as scores for private listenings. Unpublished Editions. Cor01. $15.

Popular Entertainments. Texts and graphics, but meant to be performed. A Great Bear pamphlet. Cor04. $15.

Some Silences. A first version, as published in Italy. Can be used as private sound-thought meditation, or presented as public lecture. Cor05. $60.

"letting it swing". A page from Metal Meditations, graphic and text, silk-screened. Cor07. $50.

Playing with the Elements. The scores come with the LP recording in an artistically designed box. The pieces are Breath: Rubbing Rock; Boiling Water; Terra Cotta/Heated Stone (which rock is also included). Brussels. Cor10. $250.

Gamelan Series. Contains 463 pieces currently available, all written as open scores (always some improvisation or indeterminacy, yet very formal), on, usually, graph paper. They can all, of course, be realized on the instruments of Javanese or Balinese gamelan ensembles--or American!--or other groups of metalophones. They can also be transcribed for other instruments. In addition, those having already-been or can-easily-be realized by specific instruments, have been gathered into a set of booklets in the American Gamelan Institute catalog: a. Piano duets and multiples; b. Piano solo or other keyboard; c. Solos and duets; d. Events and objects; e. Percussion; f. Ensembles; g. Voices; h. Combos. Complete set in 3 volumes. Cor12. $150.

gamelan EVERYDAY (OUTDOORS). Large-size score with photos from the performance in 1983 in Berlin. German production. Cor16. $100.

gamelan CONCERT!O. In a version for one or multiple pianos. Cor17. $15.

gamelan RITE/RIGHT. In a version for one or multiple players at a piano. Cor18. $15.

I CAN WALK THROUGH THE WORLD AS MUSIC. A one page score, in silk-screened calligraphy, presenting the conditions for a sound-walk. On antique Florentine paper. A Pari&Dispari production from Italy. Cor21. $175.

I CAN WALK THROUGH THE WORLD AS MUSIC. The same, on Fabriano paper. Cor22. $125.

The Muse......from lines and curves. A one page score, in silk-screened calligraphy, presenting the conditions for sustained touching of various surfaces. On antique Florentine paper. A Pari&Dispari production from Italy. Cor23. $175.

The Muse......from lines and curves. The same, on Fabriano paper. Cor24. $125.

"just another 12-tone piece". For indeterminate ensemble. Cor37. $15.

Suite in Series (4 pieces for ensemble--using series). Cor38. $15.

Piece (in the Form) of a Pear. Piano. Cor39. $15.

ChorusDream (dream #523). Cor40. $15.

Horn Voice Men Voice. For men's chorus and alphorn. Cor45. $15.

Short Piano Pieces. Thirteen early pieces for piano. Cor47. $15.

attempting whitenesses. For indeterminate ensemble. Cor48. $15.

as pure to begin. Solo piano preparations and noises. Cor49. $15.

Round Sound. Indeterminate ensemble. Cor50. $15.

Two French Tritone Dominants, I: Berlioz, II: Satie. Indeterminate ensemble. Cor51. $15.

Seven Joyous Flashes. Piano. Composed 1958. Cor53. $15.

Pictures of Pictures from Pictures of Pictures. 10 movements for piano; recorded version on LP of same title. Cor54. $15.

Gamelan II: many versions. Diverse instrumentations. Cor56. $15.

Especially for Gamelan. Pieces not in the Gamelan Series, written specifically for gamelan instruments. See AGI for a list of the pieces contained. Cor57. $15.

Lifework: A Unity. A "prelude" to Corner's complete catalog of works. Cor58. $25.

Made, by underhanded notes (behind my back). Piano or small or large ensemble. Cor59. $15.

Vocalize. Non-singing vocal ensemble. Cor60. $25.

Punkt. Indeterminate piece realizable for 'staccato' ensemble, or by a soloist (with tape part). Cor61. $15.

Homage to Revere. For a collection of resonant kitchen utensils or other wares. Cor62. $15.

Crash Actions. Verbally described sequence of events featuring polyrythmic pulsing. Loud! Cor63. $15.

in intimacy, pulsation. Verbally described sequence of events featuring polyrythmic pulsing. Soft! Cor64. $15.

time time time time. Graphic forms to realize: for any combination of mixed instruments with metronomes; favors multicultural combinations. Cor65. $15.

Enough! or Too Much. Uses both noises and orthodox percussion; instruction-patterns to be realized. Cor66. $15.

eruptions. Short piano solos. Semi-determinate notation. Cor67. $15.

Soloist piece. Graphic indeterminate music with realization instructions. Cor68. $15.

Dialogues for flute and bassoon. A suite of short movements in traditional notation. Cor69. $15.

Constants, 4 a & b. Two complimentary movements, piano 4 hands. Cor70. $15.

A Concoction. For small ensemble. Cor71. $15.

Certain Distilling Processes. Score and rhythmic material for any number of dancer/conductors. Cor72. $15.

Concert. Ensemble of pitch-flexible instruments/ voices. Cor73. $15.

Concert. Photographic slide version of this score. Cor115. $70.

Counterpoints (score only). For wind ensemble. Cor74. $15.

Counterpoints (score and parts). For wind ensemble. Cor75. $35.

Counterpoints (score for brass). Arrangement for brass band. Cor76. $15.

Duet for Violin and Cello. Cor77. $15.

Expressions in Parallel. Soprano and tenor voices, cello, and alto sax, plus optional precussionist. Cor78. $15.

2 Hallelujas. For a capella voices. Cor79. $15.

Ink Marks for Performance. Abstract calligraphy for piano-sounding. Cor80. $15.

Lovely Music. For indeterminate ensemble. Cor81. $15.

Pot Piece (score only). Violin, viola, cello, and pots. Cor82s. $15.

Pot Piece (score and parts). Violin, viola, cello, and pots. Cor82. $25.

Ritual Pieces. Piano 4-hands or 2 pianos. Cor83. $15.

River Song. Piano solo or diverse instruments/ media. Cor84. $15.

Sonata I. For orchestra. Cor85. $25.

Sonata II. For orchestra. (Can be 2nd movement for Sonata I.) Cor86. $25.

this is it...this time (score only). For small orchestra. Cor87. $25.

this is it...this time (score and parts). For small orchestra. Cor88. $45.

up to 7 juxtaposed, and. For solo pianist who speaks (plus version for hand-held instruments). Cor89. $15.

Year 3: Maine summer, 71. Text-music and listening poems. Cor90. $15.

Divertimento. Winds & percussion. Cor91. $25.

(two) Microtonal Memories. For simple-wave generator or glissando instruments. Cor92. $15.

Stücke. For flute. Cor93. $15.

Pieces for String Instruments (#2-8). Cor94. $15.

Lecture from Sunday Performance. For one reader and background group. Cor95. $15.

straight. For wind and string instruments. Cor97. $15.

Some Hard Edges. For percussion, keyboard instruments, plucked strings, several basses, woodwinds, chorus, and pre-recorded tape sounds. Cor98. $25.

sprouting. Modular graphic score for any instrument--featuring action indeterminacy. Cor101. $15.

Gong! A large number of proposals for playing a gong, or many of them. Cor102. $25.

Metronomes. For piano with metronomes, various sounds, and voice. Cor103. $15.

Keyboard Dances. An array of performance-action proposals at, in, and around pianos. Cor104. $25.

Passionate Expanse of the Law. For indeterminate ensemble. Cor105. $15.

Chirographic. For any combination of flexible-pitched instruments or voices Cor106. $15.

Sang-Teh (Situations). Structures for multi-cultural improvisation & the essay "Of Ancient Times and Modern Sounds," both dating from the year in Korea. Cor107. $25.

Pensive: Prelude & Fugue. For strings. Cor110. $15.

Abstract Motets. For chorus. Cor111. $15.

Two Chords of the Rose Cross, as a revelation. For accompanying instrument. Cor112. $15.

Complements II (1962). For at least two instruments, capable of glissandi. Cor113. $15.

Chirograph slide. Photographic slide version of this score. Cor114. $70.

Finale. Violin, cello & piano. Cor116. $15.

Imminences. Mixed small or large ensemble. Cor117. $15.

Of things which have no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today. Mixed media ensemble. Cor118. $15.

Hear It! Instruments, voices, noises, percussion, electricity. Cor119. $15.

Satie's Rose Cross Prelude, as a Revelation. Solo piano. Cor120. $15.

music, reserved until now. A mix of many sound types. Cor121. $15.

Sonorous Piece for 5 Trombones. Score & Parts. Cor122. $15.

accompanied by.... For free noises. Cor123. $15.

Worded Music. Voices and/or instruments. Cor124. $15.

Étincelles (sparks). Piano four hands. Cor125. $15.

Old Bells Towers. Carilon. Cor126. $15.

4 Witinstascys. Piano. Cor127. $15.

2 Part Monologues. 2 instruments. Cor128. $15.

Trio for Piano, Violin & Cello. Cor129. $15.

Variations on "Home on the Range". 2 pianos. Cor130. $20.

BELLS. A collection of scores for various bells. Cor131. $25.

Uhhm (after a deep and Tibetan image). Amplified voice. Cor132. $15.

The Iceland Pieces. Scores & writings 1981. Cor134. $15.

EarthBreath. About blowing an alphorn. Cor136. $15.

Moving Piece. For a string player or "ensemble" of simultaneous solos. Cor137. $15.

Heavy Lines. For various sounds in stereo ensemble, with possible mixed media. Cor138. $15.

Evolving Extremities. For large orchestra (or small with optional instruments). Cor139. $25.

not-yet evloved extremities. Duo for violin and cello (extract from above). Cor140. $15.

Movements and Impulsion. String quartet. The two parts may be separated and played as two shorter quartets with, in the second, an optional double bass. Cor141. $25.

ORGAN OM. Microtonal piece for organ and/or chorus, obbligato soloist. Cor142. $15.

de Winter Course. Contains Gong/Ear. Cor143. $15.

Two Timeless Tone-Scenes. Structuring principles for large or small groups, or solos of any instrument, or voices, or installation. Cor145. $15.

solo with.... Any instrument, an action piece. Cor146. $15.

Sound Scenes. Verbalized scores (31) for creating performances involving musician-play with ambient sound-surrounds. Cor147. $17.

Flux and Form #4. For piano. Cor148. $15.

Flux and Form #2–16. Cor149. $25.

Playing with the Elements. The scores contained in "Breath: Rubbing Rock; Boiling Water; Terra Cotta/Heated Stone". Cor150. $15.

Music Muse. A thesis and its application to making a precise musical translation from any visual phenomenon, including art works. Cor151. $15.

FINALEs. Three pieces for the ends of events in verbal-text score-descriptions. Cor154. $15.

For 2 Trombones #2. Cor155. $15.

from years ago at Dick Higgins’ loft. Found objects. Cor156. $15.

(pulse) (no pulse). Solo instrument. Cor157. $15.

FUGUE (score only). Two pianos, eight hands; flute & piccolo; trumpet; 2 horns; tympani. Cor158a. $25.

FUGUE (parts only). Two pianos, eight hands; flute & piccolo; trumpet; 2 horns; tympani. Cor 158c. $30.

FUGUE (score and parts). Two pianos, eight hands; flute & piccolo; trumpet; 2 horns; tympani. Cor158d. $50.

Loud Music for a Large Space. For indeterminate ensemble. Cor159. $25.

formulation for a free solo. A concept score in words. Cor160. $15.

PoorManMusic. For a group with unpretentious instruments. Cor161. $15.

Birds & Crickets (from Summer '69). Score text transcription from nature. Cor163. $15.

Year 1: '69 Summer (and Winter). 93 pages about listening and living. Cor164. $25.

Peace, Be Still. For voices, mostly rounds. Cor165. $15.

Counterpoints: Winter Holiday. Chorus (any kind) and obbligato—or solo—organ, or instruments. Cor166. $25.

Air Effect. Small ensemble of winds, including voices. Photo prints of the ink-design and calligraphy score. 59 pages in an album. Cor168. $300.

Air Effect. Slide version of the above. Cor169. $250.

Flares. Slides for this multi-media piece. 36 pages of designs in color. Cor170. $150.

Flares. 11 slides to be used as visual projections freely derived from the score pages. Cor171. $90.

Passacaglia for Solo Violin by H.I.F. Biber, transcribed for piano. Cor172. $15.

Outbreak on the Dance Floor. Parts only for: piano, bass, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, (drum part to be improvised). Cor173. $25.

Piano Work, Concert Suite. For actions on various parts of the piano. Cor174. $15.

Borderline Music. For percussion of all conceivable types, including winds and strings tapped. Cor175. $15.

Borderline Music #2. Reduced size reproductions of the above, in a folder. Cor175a. $15.

Italian Folk Song: La Domenica andando alla Messa. Available as Men's Chorus (TTBB); Women's Chorus (SSAA); Mixed Chorus (SATB). Please specify when ordering. Cor176. $15.

Drum Ball. A sonic game. Cor177. $15.

Everything Max Has with Beforehand and Afterward. Performance proposals for working with large numbers of percussion instruments, and also concerted work-actions. Cor178. $15.

Outburst and ahhh & mmm. Spontaneous non-verbal voiced utterance. Cor181. $15.

Flux Anew. Undetermined number of participants with sound-making means to hand. Cor182. $15.

Solo Music and More. A succession of instrumental solos, based on energy and exhaustion, and some suggestions for a piano solo. Cor183. $15.

Twelve Tone. Indeterminate ensemble, which plays with indeterminate series! Various compositions. Cor184. $15.

Rondo in B minor for Trombone and Piano (score only). Cor185. $15.

Rondo in B minor for Trombone and Piano (score and part). Cor185s. $20.

Chorus Centers Separate. Indeterminate piece for voices and instruments. Cor186. $15.

High Contrast. 43 pages of graphic design, suggesting short events set into silences; for organ and amplified piano. Cor187. $25.

Celebrations the Image of this Traditional Winter. Organ with optional voices. Cor188. $15.

Chopin Prelude I: "The V9 chord which begins the Chopin D Major Prelude as a revelation". Piano with instruments. Cor189. $15.

Chopin Prelude II: "The F# section in the middle of the D Major Prelude of Chopin as a revelation" . Piano with instruments. Cor190. $15.

Summing-Up: a miscellany for musicians from 1999-2002. Cor191. $15.

Pvnktvs cvm Pvnktvm. Quartet for piano, 'cello, guitar and harp. Cor192. $15.

A Salsa Symphony. For fairly large-size group of musicians. Cor193. $15.

Dick Higgins' 1000 Symphonies #177. Cor194a. $15.

Dick Higgins' 1000 Symphonies #163. Cor194b. $15.

Dick Higgins' 1000 Symphonies #357. Cor194c. $15.

Dick Higgins' 1000 Symphonies #342. Cor194d. $15.

Dick Higgins' 1000 Symphonies #609. Cor194e. $15.

Dick Higgins' 1000 Symphonies 1968 sample page. Cor194f. $15.

OM, "be at the beginning". A volume of the first contemplations of one-tone music (1960s & 70s). Cor195. $25.

Music Muse; Mirò. The score for the aural contribution to an art exhibition: specifying piano realizations of specific paintings. Cor196. $25.

Pieces of Piano. For one or several pianists. Cor197. $15.

7 Meditation Realities: Inspiration from the Pure Land. Cor198. $15.

Well, Come Well! For choral procession with organ. Cor199. $15.

The Country Feast. Song by Moussorgsky arranged for solo piano. Cor203. $15.

An EarthBreath Trilogy. Any wind instrument, including voice. Cor204. $15.

Like a Gong. 2 pieces for piano. Cor205. $15.

Tununity. For mixed instrument ensemble. Cor206. $15.

Dialog between Rationality and Emotions. For electronic and/or live instruments. Cor207. $15.

Pieces of an event. Cor208. $15.

Fantasy. For chamber ensemble. Cor209a. $15.

Fantasy (orchestra). For full orchestra, with piano. Cor209b. $15

Sous le Pont Mirabeau. The poem of Apollinaire set for sprechstimme and piano. Cor210. $15.

Oedipus Rex. For T & B chorus with clarinet, horn, cello & piano. Cor211. $25.

Scherzo. For woodwind quartet. Cor212. $15.

A Sketch for a Musical Composition Based on the Hebrew Letter SHIN – the Shhhhh of SHMA. For solo voice or voices. Cor213. $15.

ROUNDS: the rest of them. Voices. Cor214. $15.

Omni OMs: 45 essences. For all possible instrumental and vocal means. Cor215. $25.

poem of e.e.cummings. For high voice and piano. Cor216. $15.

Four Choruses from Edna St. Vincent Millay. For SATB chorus, with a few solos. Cor217. $25.

OMentrance/Circle (alternative titles). For unspecified instruments. Cor218. $15.

Through the Mysterious Barricade (after François Couperin). For drums, voices, instruments and participation. Cor220. $15.

plans for a ubiquitous tone. For piano. Cor221. $15.

The Mandukya Upanishad as an Exercise in Solmization. One–tone chants, linked to an ancient Oriental philosophy of meditation. Cor222. $15.

What I Really Should Have Written for Band. A mixed collection of pages for indeterminate large ensemble. Reconsidered for smaller groups under the title All the Musicians Might Play This. Cor223. $15.

The Boy and the Flute. For chorus with accompanying instruments. Cor224. $15.

Chanson, from the Paris notebook. For Tenor voice and piano. Cor225. $15.

X–Tone Tunes. Some suggestions for the creation of singable melodies from serial procedures of any number of notes. Cor227. $15.

wordless: Chorale. A large number of freely chosen pages without text for a chorus; singers not required. Cor229. $25.

a pair of complementary ears - I: Inner Ear ; II: Outer Ear (Birds in Tree). For not-too-small ensemble with or for, possibly, voices. Cor230. $15.

Other Orchestras. A collection of pieces for large groups of instruments. Cor231. $15.

Changes (music of). Cor232. $15.

Piano Works & Piano Plays: Vol.1: Philosophical Etudes, 2006. Piano. Cor234. $15.

Piano Works & Piano Plays: Vol.1: Philosophical Etudes, 2000-2005. Piano. Cor235. $15.

Piano Works & Piano Plays: Vol.1: Philosophical Etudes, 1960s-90s. Piano. Cor236. $15.

Piano Work & Piano Plays: Vol.2: Action-Concepts. Piano. Cor237. $15.

Piano Work & Piano Plays: Vol.3: Pianobjectvzd. Piano Cor238. $15.

Piano Works & Piano Plays (Complete Set). Cor233. $55.

Memories (are made from things like this). Piano. Cor239. $15.

Suite Classique. Ensemble. Cor240. $15.

Battalia by Biber/Song of your Choice. 12 various instruments/conductor. Cor241. $15.

Music Muse: Roberto Ciaccio.Cor242. $15.

Act-Ons. Verbal and graphic described pieces. Cor243. $25.

for the guitar. Cor244. $15.

More-Intimate Musics. Ensembles and solos. Cor245. $25.

Tenebres: lessons and light. Piano. Cor246. $15.

Suggested Freedom Boundaries. Unspecified ensembles. Cor247. $15.

Pro Layshun. Voices. Cor248. $15.

Soundsarround-s. For 3-dimensional electronic space. Cor249. $15.

One Note more-than-once. Indeterminate instrumentation. Cor250. $15.

Higher Order Unities. Glissandi instruments. Cor251. $15.

Harmonic Entities. Keyboard instruments or plucked instruments. Cor252. $15.

limits of the limitless. Large ensembles. Cor253. $15.

November 2006. Indeterminate instrumentation. Cor254. $15.

Zounds! Voices and/or instruments. Cor255. $15.

Political Pieces. Cor256. $15.

à la manière de Philip Corner/in the manner of Nam June Paik. A piano program. Cor257. $15.

Certain Statistics. Solo or group of instruments, voices, or sounds. Cor258. $15.

"Piano Activities" and "Piano Work". "Resculpted" pianos. Cor259. $15.

Unisson Details. Ensembles of all possible instruments. Cor261. $15.

One more 11*-Tone (&Times, Feelings, Silences) Piece. A composition-structure for an almost unlimited potential of instruments and pitches. Cor262. $15.

Xpressions. Calligraphic expressions, various words. Cor263. $15.

“In cima ai monticelli”. Italian folk song II, in old American style. 3 voices. Cor264. $15.

....after a fashion. For drum set. Rupert Kettle realization of/improvisation on Corner's "Gamelan II." Ket02. $15.

Chorus kit, for sacred (and very resonant) spaces. Voices, which may be supplemented by organ and/or instruments. Cor265. $15.

Anymusic. This could be for anyone. Cor266. $15.

for my use. A group for keyboard or something else. Cor267. $15.

NeWerKs 2003….7. A miscellaneous collection. Cor268. $15.

Pronouncements. For vocalizers. Cor269. $15.

"is that what that sound is supposed to sound like?" Unaccompanied voice ensemble. Cor270. $15.

5 Pieces Before the Beginning of 2005. For solo/s or ensemble/s. Cor271. $15.

Sounds, Austere, for Elegant Rooms. Indeterminate number of performers. Cor272. $15.

Frozen Motion. For 10 instruments. 4 movements (traditional notation). Please specify movement when ordering. Cor273. $15.

Frozen Motion (all four movements). For 10 instruments. 4 movements. (traditional notation). Cor315. $50.

more new-werks '07. Cor275. $15.

peace in a tone. Cor276. $15.

Silent Sounding Symphony. Situations for conductor and players. Cor277. $15.

Cool Clear Clusters. Piano, or something similar. Cor278. $15.

"Im-press"ions. Mostly piano. Cor279. $15.

"Re:cord". Cor280. $15.

a system for Music Touches. For any plane surface. Cor281. $15.

Ear Papers. Cor282. $15.

This takes utterance as the start of conscious procedures for extending spontaneities purposefully. Voices. Cor283. $15.

Radio Realities.A number of ideas for the incorporation of sounds into radio broadcasts. Cor288. $15.

3 Sight-Sound Set-ups. Mixed media. Includes "Invisible Illumination", "Silent Crescendo", and "The Emergence of Clarity." Cor289. $15.

3 for Phyllis for Some Things. Materials for a dance by Phyllis Lamhut in 1967. Mostly natural noise sounds with possible non-sung voicing. There are three patrs; for numbering, for graphs and for proportions and chimes. Cor290. $15.

Perhaps I Have Already Done It: I and II. Sustained tonality centered in total dynamic soundspace. Cor291. $15.

Or you could just throw ink on to the paper. For most-likely piano. An action piece from the late 60's. Cor292. $15.

Lingering Random Chords (After William Faulkner). A realization for a string septet. Cor293. $15.

Scelsi's Test. The lecture given at the Muso-Casa Scelsi in Rome. Also contains three compositions: "A. Prelude," from 1954, reconstructed; "Scelsi's Test for Pianists" (both on one note). Also "Serial System with Affinities to the Unissons of Giacinto Scelsi." Cor294. $15.

BReaTH-E-s. Compositions from the 60's especially concerned with uses of the breath. Cor295. $15.

Then Now and Forever. A large chorus with the possible addition of instruments. A setting of "sicut erat in principio et nune et semper saecula saeculorum, Amen" Cor300. $15.

Lingering Random Chords for Peace After War. Contains generalized basic score "Lingering Random Chords for Peace After War" for piano. Also, "Chords, Even More Random and Lingering" for solo portable multi-sting instrument and four pages of chords for a systematic chance performance by guitar (and very long lingerings). Cor301. $15.

La Plata. Four pieces for guitar for Claudio Calmens. Cor302. $15.

Breath and Breath-he. Solo or chorus. Ideas for "singing" without voicing. Cor303. $15.

Jewish Prayer as a 12-Tone Tune . Various settings for all kinds of instrumental and vocal combinations, of an ancient melody with modern harmonisations. Cor304. $15.

Emily Listening. The ten settings of Emily Dickinson poems extracted from Music Literature. Cor305. $15.

Silensequence. Orchestra or (and) chorus. A silent spectacular, each "movement" a version of John Cage's ___'___". Cor306. $15.

Miserable? or Marvelous? Voices. Cor307. $15.

MusicDance and Theatre. Composition improvisation proposals from various collections whose realizations may involve physical as well as acoustic potential. Cor308. $25.

In Extremis. Organ or keyboard and/or tuned percussion or wide range string orchestra. Specific versions to be worked out from given principles. Cor314. $25.

Amigo Carles Santos Bravo. A controlled improvisation score for a performance of an 'easygoing virtuosity". Extremely pianistic but could be realized on other instruments. Cor316. $15.

Another Listen to Beauty. A graphic and verbal score for an inderterminate ensemble (not too small) of instruments, up to orchestra size or chorus (or both). Cor317. $15.

Impulses to Realize. "In 1965, improvised in my mind." A collection of ideas for spontaneous interpretation. Cor319. $25.

Philo 2008. All the pieces in short score written during the year. Cor320. $25.

Four Preludes. For Piano. Contains "A.Prelude", "And Another Prelude," "The Third Prelude" and "Prelude Number Four." The first reconstruction of Corner's first one-note piece from 1954 for performance at the Museo Casa Scelsi in Rome in February, 2009. This is followed by three others, written after. Cor321. $15.

P. Ludus. A prelude for piano. Cor322. $15.

First Travels in the New Millenium. For solo glissando instrument around a sustained drone tone. Cor323. $15.

2009, Up to Summer. A collection of scores from the first half of the year. Cor324. $25.

Clavicembalo. Pieces particularly adapted to the harpsichord from the 60's through 2009. Cor325. $25.

Minitudes. Exercises for the mind as well as fingers. They could properly be called "minimalist" and are certainly etudes. Cor327. $15.

Pieces of Musical Reality: Miro pianista (boci de realitat). An homage to the artist, from 1994, in the form of a performance direct on piano strings with the everyday objects he wrote about, collected and used in his work. Cor328. $15.

Heraclitus. Six philosophical fragments as the basis for free interpretation as music. Cor329. $15.

Peace, be still (for chorus). An arrangement of the 1970 nine voice meditation canon for a cappela chorus, SATB. Cor330. $15.

Every Day and Every Night Music (for Stan Brakhage). Ensemble of instruments and/or electronics (with score projection). This score is a poster sized multi-colored laser print with an additional page of performance suggestions. Cor332. $25.

Fisti cMusic. Piano or other keyboards, also some possible percussion. Contains the one page score of "Music Beats". Cor333. $15.

From a Forgotten Dance. Violin and piano. Written in 1958, copied from a notebook in 2009. Cor334. $15.

Few gaa. Counterpoint is still possible! Make your own fugue. Cor335. $15.

Stepped From Another Dance, This Time for Sally. Reconstruction of a piece from 1964, played directly on the strings of a piano or other multi-stringed instrument, or a set of pitched drums. Cor336. $25.

One Note Once. As a set of piano solos. Cor337. $15.

Ugly Music. Any instrument or combination of simultaneous solos. "They really should sound bad." Cor338. $15.

Split that Fire! A Real Fugal Flight. Double ensemble of pitched instruments and percusssion. Cor339. $15.

Electro-Acoustics. Electrically generated sounds (including amplified machinery) and percussion instruments, struck or rubbed, resonant metalophones, idiophones of various materials. Cor341. $15.

2009 from midsummer. A very varied collection of the short verbal graphic scores written in that period. Cor342. $25.

Together in Chorus. Structures for singing audiences; and useful in workshops and classes. Pieces from the 60s through 2010. Cor343. $25.

Harp on this. A collection of pieces especially adapted for harp(s) from all Corner's style periods. Included are pieces from "The Gamelan Series" and "as a revelation." Cor345. $40.

Dodecatet. Twelve instruments, hetero or homogenous. "A twelve tone row but you'll never know." Cor346. $15.

Primal Yell. Self-vocalizing piano player (or other appropriate accompaniment). Cor347. $15.

(gamelan) LYRA - trio. Two melody instruments and accompaniment by keyboard or tuned percussion. In a version for bass recorder and viola. Cor348. $25.

Xtremes xtreme. A text score for any instrument (including voice and noises). Cor349. $15.

Virtue-osities. An instrumental performance based on the progression from "life" in its raw state towards the condition of "art." Cor350. $25.

Be-all & End-all. One or more melody capable instruments, with possible computer realization; requires microtonal tunings. Text score in vari-colored typography. Cor351. $25.

Vocatet X n. Any number of disciplined non-singers. Cor352. $15.

Extremely Orchestral. A selected group of short verbal scores particularly useful for orchestras. Cor353. $25.

the Order is 'in order". A chance system for deriving rhythmic pulsations - for any instrument or sound-means. Cor354. $15.

2 Melody Motions. Contains two scores" "Lines Lightly" and "Lyric Lines" (for any number of trombones.) Both for instruments with possible amplification in an ensemble, by hetero phonic and quasi-prolation canon means. Cor355. $15.

petite fantasie "Les Barricades Mysteriusies" de Francios Couperin (already a revelation). Piano, conceivably organ. Cor356. $15.

Constants II. Piano, 4 hands. 1958, score lost. 2011, reconstruction. Cor357. $15.

A Thorough Bass, Thoroughly Based. A plucked one-string instrument, or in a group; possibly piano, harp, or marimba. Cor358. $15.

A Trinity of Early Pieces. Includes " a funny trio," "Whole Note," and "Glissandi." Cor359. $15.

Different Durations. For any number and kind of sustained sounds. Cor360. $15.

Lesson from the East: PERFECTION IS NOT EXACTNESS. For solo or group of instruments. Eight pages from 1960 to be played individually or together. Cor361. $15.

148 Equal Measures for 4 Instruments.Indeterminate ensemble. Cor362. $15.

Ensemble Piece (Probably 1958). Violin, clarinet, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba. Finished and forgotten until now, 2011. Cor363. $25.

Chor with Aura. Piano, or organ, voice(s) with accompaniment, or other instruments. Cor364. $15.

Both Hands, breathing. Organ. Cor365. $15.

Long Bow ----- and Breath. Bowed string instrument(s), or accordion. Cor366. $15.

EVERY THING. Moderate sized group of musical instruments and noise objects. Cor367. $15.

bowstrings. "Continuities of high energy tremolos." Bowed (or strummed) instruments. Cor368. $15.

I'deal Orchestra (score and parts). Composition for large orchestra. Harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion. Cor369. $55.

I'deal Orchestra (score only). Composition for large orchestra. Harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion. Score and parts. Cor369s. $20.

Scherzo and Finale from a Lost Sonata. Piano. Cor370. $15.

A Piano Activity: Delicately Disciplined Duet . Piano, or strings. Cor371. $15.

Meta Meta Meta Hodos. For indeterminate ensemble. In memory of Jim Tenney. Cor372. $15.

Scientific Method. Any instrument, or combination of them. or by electronic means, live, or pre-recorded. From printouts of biological graphs. Cor373. $15.

gamelan DUA-UNI (2=1). "As the title says: a dynamic essence." For any solo or ensemble, including voice; or noises, live or concrete; or actions. Cor374. $15.

The Only Silence is Noise; The Only Noise is Music. A program for an "action concept" performance, with some new ideas about Cage's 4'33. Cor375. $15.

Gamelan NEA. Four pieces for gamelan by Barbara Benary, Philip Corner, Daniel Goode, and Peter Griggs. AGI18. $15.

Books and Texts

Ear Journeys: Water. This book can also serve as scores for private listenings. Unpublished Editions. Cor01. $15.

I Can Walk Through the World as Music (first walk). A record of putting into practice this score for personal performance experiencings. Printed Edition. Cor02. $15.

Pieces of Realities for Some Days (Italienische Reise). From the "Heft" series published by Hundertmark in Köln. Cor03. $15.

Popular Entertainments. Texts and graphics, but meant to be performed. A Great Bear pamphlet. Cor04. $15.

Some Silences. A first version, as published in Italy. Can be used as private sound-thought meditation, or presented as public lecture. Cor05. $60.

The Identical Lunch. A personal take on an Alison Knowles project. Cor31. $65.

Addressing the Goddess. Erotic poems. Cor52. $25.

In and About and Round-About in the 60s. Cor55. $25.

Lifework: A Unity. A "prelude" to Corner's complete catalog of works. Cor58. $25.

Year 3: Maine summer, 71. Text-music and listening poems. Cor90. $15.

Lecture from Sunday Performance. For one reader and background group. Cor95. $15.

Pieces of (Ideal) Reality: Dutch Windows. From the "Heft" series published by Hundertmark in Köln. Cor96. $15.

Sang-Teh (Situations). Structures for multi-cultural improvisation and the essay "Of Ancient Times and Modern Sounds." Cor107. $25.

The Iceland Pieces. Scores & writings 1981. Cor134. $15.

EarthBreath. About blowing an alphorn. Cor136. $15.

de Winter Course. A description for an education program in sound and movement, realized in Amsterdam in 1994. Contains some relevant scores, notable Gong/Ear. Cor143. $15.

EUROPTRIPPE '76 - Away and back. Word-scenes impressed into the mind of a summer's journey. Handprinted text with copies of the original sketches. Cor144. $25.

NY 60s: Scenes from the Scene. Cor153. $12.

Year 1: '69 Summer (and Winter). 93 pages about listening and living in the city and the country. Contains transcriptions of Birds & Crickets for instruments, and ideas for making music out of environments. Cor164. $25.

Education Events. 3 texts from 1967. Cor219. $15.

Askings and Answerings. 8 verbal responses to problems set forth by Udo Kasemets. Cor226. $15.

Fluxus and ________. A Manifesto remanifesto(e)d. Cor228. $15.

The Presences of Everything. Cor233. $15.

Sonate visive (2000-2001). Catalog of an exhibition of music-inspired drawings in Palermo. Cor260. $20.

FLUXstuff. A miscellany of documents in the form or writings, articles, reviews, programs, scores, analyses, reminiscences, philosophizing, and the like. 2 volumes. Cor274. $65.

Seasons in the streets of Seoul. Cor284. $15.

Ear very close. Cor285. $15.

Music Literature. Performance possibilities derived from writers, Cor286. $25.

Pieces of Reality: A Guide Book to Capri. 50 verbal to no longer existing photos of Capri. Cor287. $15.

Pieces of Reality: Environments and Installations. From Madrid, Spain in 1994. Cor296. $15.

Pieces of Reality: Objects.From Madrid, Spain in 1994. Cor297. $15.

Ear He(a)re: Pieces of (Musical) Reality. From Madrid, Spain in 1994. Cor298. $15.

Pieces of Reality: Madrid, 1994. Includes "Environments and Installations," "Objects" and "Ear He(a)re" from the "Pieces of Reality" series. Cor299. $40.

Pieces of Japan Reality: Parts I and II, 1983. A diary of travel in the form of traced object designs and notes. Cor309. $25.

Pieces of Berlin Reality: 1983. "20 Blatt" Tracings of objects picked up on various streets. Cor310. $15.

Pieces of Korea Reality: 1983. A diary of travel in the form of traced object designs. Cor311. $15.

IM*PRESSIONS: Pieces of New York Reality. A folio of designs and objects covered with ink - dropped so. In an open studio blank book from 1984. Cor312. $15.

Garden. A text from the summer of 1968, working in nature in Lexington, Massachusetts. Cor313. $15.

La cena bianca e mera: The Black and White Dinner. Plans, in calligraphy and design, for the table-setting and sound environment of the event in Meran, 1994. In Italian. Cor318. $15.

Prelude to a non-vextion. The famous long work by Satie, experiencing it and analyzing it. Implications for understanding it and criticism of other attempts. Included is Martha (Mother Felicitas) Curti's dissertation on the number 840. Cor326. $15.

Philip contradicts Ben (101 words of wisdom) . There are actually 108 statements about art and life, in response to those of Ben Vautier. Written in calligraphy, one to a page. Cor331. $40.

Pieces of Reality at Secret Museum. Being a description of the projects for the Casa-Museo of Francesco Conz at Capella Fasano, in the Italian Alps with particular attention to the principles of: Pieces of Reality: Rhythm. Cor340. $15.

A Piece of My Reality. "The Composer Speaks." A text about ideal approaches to my action-concept improv scores; comes with a few sample pieces. Cor344. $15.

Flux Futures. A verbal extravaganza. Cor376. $15.


Delicate Computations. An open score from the gamelan series, programmed (NHSL) for computer by Phil Burk and Larry Polansky. Collaboration with Phil Burk and Larry Polansky. Cor32. $50. A B

Pieces of (acoustic) reality and ideality. OUT OF STOCK. A performance in an Italian textile factory. Limited Italian production, hand assembled and signed. Includes fabric samples. Cor46. $38.

On Tape from the Judson years. Tape pieces from the early 60s. Italian production. Cor108. $25.

40 Years and One: Philip Corner Plays the Piano. An XI release. Cor167. $25.

Gong +. Contains Metal Meditations with Listening Center; Gong!; and Pulse Polyphony. Italian production. Cor180. $25.

More from the Judson years (early 60s), instrumental-vocal works (VOL.1). Italian production. Cor200. $25.

More from the Judson years (early 60s), instrumental-vocal works (VOL.2). Italian production. Cor201. $25.


Metal Meditations.The culmination of many years experience and experiment with the properties of resonant metal object. Italian import. Cor43. $25.

Word –Voices. The composer, a group of non-singers, and the Downtown Ensemble perform on this Italian import. Cor44. $25.


Collaborations with Friends & Electronics. OUT OF STOCK. Cor37. $15.

Philip Corner. OUT OF STOCK. New Wilderness Cassette. NW7701. $8.

WBAI . Features "ser-i-al music" and "Fountain". OUT OF STOCK.Cor109. $19.


Sieben Farbräume (Seven Colorspaces). Music by Phil Corner for this art video by Bertie Skuber. Cor133. $200.

ph2: Phoebe Dances with Philip. OUT OF STOCK.Three collaborations with Phoebe Neville and Philip Corner. Cor135. $50.

Art Objects

A Plate for a Piece of Reality. Cor34. $200.

Cymbal/Ear. Cor35. $150.

Delicate Computations. (Currently only available on CD, see above) Cassettes, individually signed. Cor32. $50.

"Dio d'Amore". Cor19. $125.

I Can Walk Through the World as Music. Cor22. $125.

I Can Walk Through the World as Music. Antique paper. Cor21. $175.

"La Piú Bella Donna". Cor20. $125.

"Letting it swing". Cor07. $50.

Metal Meditations. Cor06. $3000.

Partiture d'Amore. Cor25. $500.

Piano Work. Cor26. $800.

Rainbow Orgasm. Cor27. $600.

Realfantastik. Cor28. $650.

Seven Sayings. Cor29. $700.

Soto Vuoto. Cor30. $650.

The Muse, from Lines and Curves. Cor24. $125.

The Muse, from Lines and Curves. Antique paper. Cor23. $175.

The Piece of Reality for Today. Cor11. $70.

Frog Peak Collections

Frog Peak Anthology. Writings by Harrison, Corner, Diamond, Powell, Didkovsky, Burk, Garland,Povall, Mann, Wendt, and others, edited by Carter Scholz. Frog Peak Publication. FP07. $25.

The Frog Peak Rock Music Book. Edited by Daniel Goode. Music for rocks and stones in a limited boxed edition of original scores. Scores by Goode, Oliveros, Wolff, Wood, Bobrowski, Lockwood, Goldstein, Kenney, Corner, and others. FP08. $25.