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FANTASÌA  A  4. Previously unpublished  "Party Piece," by Lou Harrison, John Cage and Frank Wigglesworth., with orchestration by Bob Hughes. Har48. $15.

Specially priced Lou Harrison materials -- a book of poetry, 2 CDs, and two self-published pamphlets --  are now available, individually or as a set for a 33% discount.

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Charles Shere comments: "Generous voluptuary, sensual and intelligent, Lou Harrison ranges across and around the dimensions  time, love, violence, and beauty  to cherish, consider, conserve, create to his own and others' measures. This strong, sweet artist, equally adept at music, painting, and the play of words, delights us with sly observation, reminds us of grave consequences, praises skies and trees and rocks and all the men and women (children too!) who love, learn, live fully, share pleasure, practice courtesy."

Harrison's "Symphony on G" (1964/1966) and Ruggles' "Organum" (1945) and "Men & Mountains" (1925-1935), preformed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Japan Philharmonic, and the Polish National Radio Orchestra. On CRI.

Music by Harrison, Helps, Hoiby, Biscardi, Rorem, Del Tredici, Maggio, Cummings, Hibbard, Hunt, DeBlasio; featuring Kronos String Quartet, Phyliss Bryn-Julson, soprano, Peter Stewart, baritone, Gamelan Sekar Kembar, and others, plus eight performances by the composers themselves. On CRI.


In the 1970s, Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig built a number of beautiful monochords and "transfer harps." These instruments were designed specifically for the study of intonation, and are cherished today by those students lucky enough to own one. Lou Harrison wrote,  illustrated, typeset, designed and printed  (very much in the Frog Peak spirit) a beautiful little "booklet" to explain the monochord itself, and how to use it. We have discovered the few remaining copies of this wonderful and lovingly made publication, which is an indispensable addition to any study of music theory, intonation, or Harrison's work.

Pamphlet: AN AMERICAN GAMELAN, by William Colvig $5
A beautifully printed essay by Colvig on the building and tuning of American Gamelan, with photos of Bill and the gamelan. This  3-page pamphlet is one of the few published writings by William Colvig, and offers a lovely and rare insight into the personality of this important musical thinker. Frog Peak, thanks to the courtesy of the Lou Harrison estate, is offering  the remaining copies of this publication, important for those interested in gamelan, tuning, or just American music of the past 50 years.
        Colvig writes: "The collection of various tuned metal elements making up the Southeast-Asian Gamelan sparkles with heavenly music when the many gamelan players are performing. The composer Lou Harrison and I decided to make our own Western Gamelan based in general on the traditional ones but not copying anything for the sake of authenticity. Our primary consideration was to make beautiful sound; our primary purpose to build a usable musical instrument for which new serious music could be composed."

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FROG SPEAK: Texts by Bob Hughes, Lou Harrison and Larry Polansky
from the notes to "Fantasìa a 4":

A French Surrealist group created the "exquisite corpse" as a multiple participant game in the early 1920s. When C.F. Peters published twenty of my tiny ensemble versions in 1982 they issued them under the name "Party Pieces." Lou Harrison, who instigated my participation in the project, always preferred to call them "sonorous corpses."
The "Fantasìa"  the longest of the 'corpses'  orchestrated at the same time as the others in the early 1960s, was included in all the early performances of the pieces  The Sticky Wicket Café near Lou's home in Aptos, California, The San Francisco Tape Music Center and the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco's North Beach. The reason that it wasn't included in C.F. Peters' publication was pagination! We ran out of their assigned page space and, since it was one of the more ample pieces among the tiny bunch, either Lou, or possibly Oliver Daniel, had to make a choice to exclude that ONE piece or MORE than one of the others! It was that simple &

Bob Hughes
from  Joys & Perplexities: Selected Poems of Lou Harrison

Nines to John Cage on his 65th Birthday, 1977

You, John, are a loved, romantic man 
So multiple of image that Each
Designs another one about you
Who conceives you in his heart or mind,
And so adds facet to your being
Such that often All seem equally
Reflected, and that gigantic you,
That high chance-shimmering aggregate
Gleams to all like the Sun Resplendent.

Lou Harrison

17's for Lou (On reading Joys and Perplexities)

you write of peni and diarrhea, and bill climbing (always) and
mary and jack (our old friends) and partch and cage and henry cowell, and
teaching, and all those old greeks, and brandon, and new zealand, aptos and
java, and monochords and the bomb, and a litany (where's quechua?).
and i read it all, and my first thought: where does he get the f---ing time?

but there's always been time. for us (you showed us what it means to be and
to do) and for work. all our lives, we pick up many things, but we have
to give them all back. when cage died you said to jody (i hate the phone)
"now there's just me and hovhaness." but peter said (postcard, from java)
"now there's just lou and conlon." both wrong: there's me and jody and peter
and paul and so many others, and partly because of you, we don't
have to give it all back. we are the ones living in other places.

so go ahead and write about avicenna and vd and mumps
and be your own font as you have been to others, and paint, and sign, and
while you're at it, knock out a few more symphonies, and some large gendhing.
we'll never have to give these back. nor trade them in for the new models.
When i'm done and i've done what you've done, i'll write about urinals too.

larry polansky
september 15, 1992
lebanon, new hampshire

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