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* New scores link at Frog Peak
* New Frog Peak Artist: Kraig Grady
* Lou Harrison Reader
* Frog Speak: Charles Shere Guppy excerpt

NEW SCORES LINK at http://www.frogpeak.org

FROG PEAK is pleased to announce the addition of a NEW ITEMS page to our website, reflecting new Frog Peak stock received during the most recent quarter. You can link there from our homepage at http://www.frogpeak.org. We currently have new items from Christian Asplund, Philip Corner, Daniel Goode, Lou Harrison, Rupert Kettle, Barbara Monk Feldman, Thomas Peterson, Wendy Reid, Paul Schick, Ezra Sims, and Clive Wilkinson.

One of America's most uncategorizable artists, L.A. resident Kraig Grady has produced numerous solo and ensemble works and seven shadow plays in his capacity as liaison between Anaphoria Island and North America.
The Stolen Stars: An Anaphoran Dance Drama. Gra01. $16.

Mention this newsletter, and receive a 20% discount on the Grady CD!


There are a few remaining copies of the extremely rare and wonderful Lou Harrison Reader, edited by Peter Garland and published by Soundings Press in 1987, and containing sources, interviews, letters, and scores pertaining to the composer. The regular price of the book is $100, but we offer it here ON SALE for $75. Simply mention this newsletter. Sou19. $75.

We also have a new, never-before-seen Lou Harrison score (in manuscript) on the website, http://www.frogpeak.org, called "Music for Remy," for Oboe and Percussion. Har47. $15.

FROG SPEAK: Excerpts from Charles Shere, HOW I SAW DUCHAMP (Guppy #5: She16)

Guppies are a new series of "chapbooks" with writings by Frog Peak artists. Each Guppy contains a single, unusual work that explores the possibilities of simple production media. Guppies by John Trubee, Larry Polansky, Chris Mann, Paul Schick, and Charles Shere are available now for $5 each, or a set of 4 for $15.

"It took me twenty years to write my Duchamp Opera, so it will take a while to describe how it happened.
Two experiences led me to compose a Duchamp opera. They came nearly simultaneously, in the middle Sixties, when I was approaching thirty. One was the first retrospective of Duchamp's work, in the Pasadena Art Museum; the other was the publication of a book version of Duchamp's Green Box."

"But what was the opera in terms of sound? It too had become an assembly  an assembly of all the little pieces I had composed over the years since the middle 1960s. I realized that I could use them as Duchamp used readymates. It wasn't true that I hadn't been composing the opera: I had been composing nothing but the opera."

"Marcel Duchamp had provided me with more than a subject in all those years, from early adulthood to retirement. He had given me a sort of armature on which to fasten much of my activity  music and writing, creative work and critical. Studying him had helped me think my way through Modernism, and that's something I think every intelligent person should do as we try to move beyond modernism."

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