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Johanna Magdalena Beyer

Composer (1889-1944)

Johanna Magdalena Beyer was a major 1930's experimental composer who was closely associated with Henry Cowell, Percy Grainger and Ruth Crawford. Her work, however, has been almost completely overlooked: unpublished, unrecorded and unperformed. Frog Peak Music has prepared a number of works in annotated, recopied editions, called the Frog Peak/Johanna Beyer Project. The editing and recopying work has been contributed on a voluntary basis by composers interested in the project.

See a complete list of Beyer's scores.

Annotated Editions from the Frog Peak/Johanna Beyer Project

Series Editor: Larry Polansky

Series Associate Editor: John Kennedy

Series Designer and Assistant Editor: David Fuqua

Johanna Beyer Complete Percussion Score Set. Includes March for 30 Percussion Instruments, Three Movements for Percussion, Waltz for Percussion, Percussion Opus 14, and Percussion Suite. Bey21. $50.

Johanna Beyer Complete Piano Score Set. Includes Dissonant Counterpoint, Bees, Gebrauchs-Musik, Movement for Two Pianos, and Clusters. Bey22. $50.

Bees. Solo piano (from K32, NY2, 20, 25). Copied and edited by Larry Polansky, FP/JB #1. Bey01. $15.

Movement for Double Bass and Piano. (K12, NY16). Copied and edited by David Fuqua, FP/JB #2. Bey02. $15.

Ballad of the Star-Eater. Clarinet and soprano. (K35, NY1). Copied and edited by Charles Shere, FP/JB #3. Bey03. $15.

The Federal Music Project. Chorus (K43, NY10). Copied and edited by Margaret Fisher/Lou Harrison, FP/JB #4. Bey04. $15.

Dissonant Counterpoint. Solo piano (K28, NY7). Copied and edited by David Fuqua, FP/JB #5. Bey05. $15.

Three Songs for Clarinet and Soprano (K36, NY51). Copied and edited by Mark Warhol. FP/JB #6. Bey06. $15.

String Quartet #2 (K21, NY33). Copied and edited by Pamela Marshall. FP/JB #7. Bey07. $15.

Gebrauchs-Musik. Solo piano. (K25, NY13). Copied and edited by Carter Scholz. FP/JB #8. Bey08. $15.

Movement for Two Pianos. (K13, NY18). Copied and edited by Drew Krause. FP/JB #9. Bey09. $15.

Suite for Violin and Piano. (K14, NY40). Copied and edited by Kim Bastin. FP/JB #10. Bey10. $15.

March for 30 Percussion Instruments. (K3, F2). Copied and edited by J.B. Smith. FP/JB #11. Bey11. $15.

Have Faith! Copied and edited by William Matthews, with editorial assistance from Margaret Lancaster and Beth Griffiths. FP/JB #12. Bey12. $15.

Three Movements for Percussion. Copied and edited by Thomas Smetryns. FP/JB #13. Bey13. $15.

Waltz for Percussion. Copied and edited by Thomas Smetryns. FP/JB#14. Bey14. $15.

Percussion Opus 14. Copied and edited by Thomas Smetryns. FP/JB#15. Bey15. $15.

Suite for Clarinet I. Edited by Daniel Goode, copied by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz. FP/JB#16. Bey16. $15.

Suite for Clarinet IB. Copied and edited by Marguerite Boland. FP/JB#17. Bey17. $15.

Percussion Suite. Copied and edited by Ron Coulter. FP/JB#18. Bey18. $15.

Movement for String Quartet. Copied and edited by Andrew Kohn. FP/JB#19. Bey19. $15.

Clusters. Edited by Amy C. Beal with Dennis Bathory-Kitsz and Larry Polansky. FP/JB#20. Bey20. $15.