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Johanna Magdalena Beyer

List of Works

Preliminary List of Known Works by Johanna Magdalena Beyer

Johanna Magdalena Beyer was a major 1930s New York experimental composer closely associated with Henry Cowell, Percy Grainger and Ruth Crawford. Her work, however, has been almost completely overlooked: unpublished, unrecorded, and unperformed. This list of her known compositions is excerpted from the article by John Kennedy and Larry Polansky, "Total Eclipse: The Music of Johanna Beyer. A Preliminary Annotated Checklist," in Musical Quarterly, Winter, 1996, 80/4.

Some of these scores are available in recopied, annotated editions through the Frog Peak/Johanna Beyer Project. The editing and recopying work has been contributed on a voluntary basis by composers interested in the project. Each edition is $15.

The Known Compositions of Johanna Magdalena Beyer

In the following list of works we have supplied: K-#'s ("Kennedy numbers"), which list pieces by instrumental category; NY-#'s ("New York Public Library List numbers") which correspond to the order of manuscripts in the New York Public Library Collection; or F-#'s ("Fleisher Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia numbers"), when a manuscript source appears only in the Fleisher Collection. One piece, IV, K2, published by New Music Editions, has no F- or NY- number. All manuscripts are publicly available at the New York Public Library.

K# and NY# Listings of the Available Scores of Johanna Magdalena Beyer

Percussion Ensemble

K1 F1 Percussion Suite in 3 Movements 1933

K2 IV 1935

K3 F2 March for 30 Percussion Instruments 1939

K4 F3 Percussion, opus 14 1939

K5 NY47 Three Movements for Percussion 1939

K6 F4 Waltz for Percussion 1939

Solo and Chamber Music

K7 NY36 Suite for Clarinet I 1932

K8 NY37 Suite for Clarinet Ib 1932

K9 NY38 Suite for Clarinet and Bassoon 1933

K10 NY28 Sonata for Clarinet and Piano 1936

K11 NY35 Suite for Bass Clarinet and Piano 1936?

K12 NY16 Movement for Double Bass and Piano 1936

K13 NY18 Movement for Two Pianos 1936

K14 NY40 Suite for Violin and Piano 1937

K15 NY8 Suite for Oboe and Bassoon 1937

K16 NY26, 46, 49 Six Pieces for Oboe and Piano 1939

K17 NY22 Quintet for Woodwinds 1933

K18 NY19 Movement for Woodwinds 1938

K19 NY52 Trio for Woodwinds 194?

K20 NY32 String Quartet No. 1 1933-4

K21 NY33 String Quartet No. 2 1936

K22 NY6, NY17 Movement for String Quartet ("Dance") 1938

K23 NY34 String Quartet No. 4 1943?

K24 NY31 Music of the Spheres ("Status Quo") 1938

Solo Piano

K25 NY13 Gebrauchs-Musik 1934

K26 NY3, 48, 53 Clusters (or, New York Waltzes) 1936, 31

K27 NY11 Winter Ade and five other folk song settings 1936

K28 NY7 Dissonant Counterpoint 193?

K29 NY39 Suite for Piano 1939

K30 NY29 Sonatina in C 1943

K31 NY21 Prelude and Fugue (in C Major) (no date)

K32 NY2, 20, 2 Piano-Book, Classic-Romantic-Modern" (no date)


K33 NY27 Sky-Pieces 1933

K34 NY50 Three Songs (Timber Moon; Stars, Songs, Faces;

Summer Grass) (soprano, piano, percussion) 1933

K35 NY1 Ballad of the Star -Eater (soprano and clarinet) 1934

K36 NY51 Three Songs for Soprano and Clarinet

(Total Eclipse; Universal-Local; To Be) 1934

K37 NY14 Have Faith! (soprano and flute) (3 versions) 1936-7

Large Mixed Ensembles

K38 NY15 March 1935

K39 NY5 Cyrnab (chamber orchestra) 1937

K40 NY9 Elation (concert band) 1938

K41 NY23 Reverence (wind ensemble) 1938


K42 NY24 The Robin in the Rain 1935

K43 NY10 The Federal Music Project 1936

K44 NY14a The Main--Deep 1937

K45 NY19a The People, Yes 1937

K46 NY4 The Composers' Forum Laboratory 1937


K47 NY12 Fragment for Chamber Orchestra 1937

K48 NY45 Symphonic Suite 1937

K49 NY30 Dance for Full Orchestra ("Status Quo") 1938

K50 NY41 Symphonic Movement I 1939

K51 NY43 Symphonic Opus 3 1939

K52 NY44 Symphonic Opus 5 1940

K53 NY42 Symphonic Movement II 1941