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Box 1052
Lebanon NH 03755
tel/fax 802-331-2494
About Frog Peak Music (a composers' collective)
  • is an artist-run organization devoted to publishing and producing experimental and unusual works, distributing artist-produced materials, and in general providing a home for its artists.

    Frog Peak Music is dedicated to exploring innovative technologies and aesthetics of publication and distribution, and committed to the idea of availability over promotion. Member artists determine which of their own works are included in Frog Peak, and how they are included.

    Frog Peak Music perpetuates and evolves the historical role of experimental independent publishing in the United States. In so doing, the collective engenders a hospitable publication environment for its members, and provides an example of some of the ways that artists might control their own work in a non-commercial, non-hierarchical fashion, erasing distinctions between artist and publisher.

    FP carries scores, recordings, writings and other works by hundreds of artists internationally. Frog Peak Music is also has a CD label and several publications. Please write, fax, call, or email for a print catalog.